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Sam Blogs: Hanoi

November 14 I went to Hanoi. There are lots of motorcycles. My house is a mansion. It has five floors, a huge TV, a nice lamp, a private bathroom in my room, two big sofas, nice stairs, nice door. My only recommend is the kitchen. There is only one plate. We saw dogs. They were […]

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Peter Blogs: Hanoi

November 16 Today I’m excited to go to the water park. I remember this one time I went to a water park on this trip [in Hannibal, Missouri]. This is gonna be so fun. Yesterday we went to the water puppet show. It was cool because the puppets were in the water! We saw puppet […]

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Kids’ Blog: Kyoto Top 5

We asked the boys to come up with their top 5 things to do in Kyoto and area, and to write a little bit about each one. Here are the results: Peter’s Top 5 in Kyoto 1. Shinkyogoku Shopping Street We went to Shinkyogoku Shopping street near Sanjo Station. It has a lot of little […]

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Kids’ Blog: California

Sam blogs: I went to San Francisco. It was fun because I went to the beach. I found two rocks. Then I went to a giant playground. I went on a piece of cardboard down a slide. I used sand to make it faster and it was faster. I also met my dad’s friend Julianne. […]

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Kids’ Blog: Toronto

Throughout our trip, Peter and Sam have been keeping travel journals in which they write several times a week. I will occasionally transcribe some of their entries on our family blog to give a kids’ perspective on our travels. So here it is…. the kids’ take on our time in Toronto: By Peter In Toronto, […]

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