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One Week in HoiAn

Hoi An is a town in central Vietnam about an hour from Da Nang, the country’s third largest city. Da Nang is very popular with tourists because of My Khe Beach, which is supposed to be very scenic with white sand and calm waters. Initially we had planned on spending a week on the beach, […]

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Travel Bugs and Vietnamese Barbecue

First off, before making any sort of food post about Vietnam, I have to give full disclosure: the food has made us ill. Roman and I have caught a whole other kind of travel bug, the kind that makes our stomachs churn. The kids (knock on wood) have so far avoided tummy troubles. I think […]

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Kaiseki – little plates of food

Kyoto in particular is known for this type of meal, which consists of several tiny and artful dishes offered as a set. The origin of kaiseki (meaning “hot stone in a kimono fold”) lies with Zen Buddhist monks, who carried hot stones inside the folds of their robes, close to their stomach, to ward off […]

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Fun Food in Tokyo

We love Japanese food, from sushi to soba, it’s always been one of our favourite cuisines. However some of our dining forays in Japan have gone beyond our taste buds – they were an experience. Themed restaurants are a big thing in Tokyo, and during our short week in the capital city, we visited two […]

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Eating in Portland

I enjoy food a lot. I love to try new food, to discover neat restaurants, to seek out novel ingredients and flavours. Therefore, a big part of travel for me has to do with eating local dishes and learning about culture and location through food. Some of these blog posts will therefore be somewhat food-centric. […]

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A Short Ramble Through Quebec City

Quebec City won us over with its Europeanesque charm: the old world architecture, cobblestone streets, and winding, narrow side-roads with interesting shops and nooks. If it were less expensive, we would have stayed for several nights to fully explore the area, but it seems that in late July, we had arrived at the cusp of […]

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