We are Dina, Roman, Peter and Sam. We are a family taking a year-long field trip to the world. We are taking a year to explore, to spend more consecutive hours together, to break up the monotony of our everyday lives, to show our kids (and see for ourselves) how people live in countries and cultures different from our own. We want to move through the shifting sights, sounds and smells that span great distances. We want to taste new flavors. To experience something unexpected. To grow closer.

The story of our trip has been long in the making, and longer in the dreaming. Dina and Roman have always shared a love of travel. We are both from immigrant families from the former Soviet Union. Roman grew up in New York City, Dina in Calgary – we have both experienced life through cultures embedded within other cultures. After our wedding a decade ago, we left the continent for a year to teach English to schoolchildren in Asia. We began to plan an epic travel route once our teaching contracts were up – going from South Korea to Southeast Asia, to India and China and Europe. We were buying airfare to Thailand when Peter made his imminent arrival known. We moved to Calgary to build a family – postponing, but never cancelling, our grand trip.

Now, we are on the move. Over the course of 13 months from July 2017 to August 2018, we are circumnavigating the globe slowly, avoiding air travel whenever possible to feel the magnitude of our planet. We will cross the North American continent twice in a car, take a 2 week voyage across the Pacific, ride trains and buses in Asia, Africa and Europe – finding short-term homes in between. We’ll try to document it all here – what it looks and smells like, what it’s making us think about, and what it takes… but we’re also focused on each other, so entries may be somewhat sporadic!

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