Kids’ Blog: California

August 24, 2017

Sam blogs:

I went to San Francisco. It was fun because I went to the beach. I found two rocks. Then I went to a giant playground. I went on a piece of cardboard down a slide. I used sand to make it faster and it was faster. I also met my dad’s friend Julianne. Yesterday, I saw my dad’s friend Julianne again and went to lots of rides [in Santa Cruz], like a roller coaster, a water ride, a haunted house, and an up and down one, and lots more. Peter found a full sand dollar which is very lucky. I made postcards and sended it to my friend. I am going camping. I’m going to play with my football, and if there is a playground, I’m going to play on it. My dad is going to make a campfire. It will be so fun camping.


Peter blogs:

Going to San Francisco was a very fun time. There, I had a very big walk. We started at the beach. At the beach, I wanted to go swimming, but I couldn’t because I had no swimming suit and it was too cold. I went near the ocean and found a crab, a very cool rock, and some seaweed. After the beach, we walked to a bison area [in Golden Gate Park] and saw the last few families of bison. We walked past them and went on a walk for an hour. Finally we made it to a tea garden. The tea garden had too big a lineup, so we just rested and went on another walk to the playground and played there. I remembered that I went to this playground when I was four [ during a previous trip to San Francisco]. After a good sleep, it was tomorrow.

Fact: Redwoods are giant trees that grow in California. We camped in the redwoods and had a really good time. Sam made an inukshuk and I made a tipi. The tipi was for good luck so the fairies don’t steal our tent and car.


Golden Gate Park


Roman’s old apartment in San Francisco in the Sunset


Our lovely aribnb near Santa Cruz – a cabin in the redwoods

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