Kids’ Blog: Toronto

July 10, 2017

Throughout our trip, Peter and Sam have been keeping travel journals in which they write several times a week. I will occasionally transcribe some of their entries on our family blog to give a kids’ perspective on our travels.

So here it is…. the kids’ take on our time in Toronto:

By Peter

In Toronto, on July 8th, we went to a baseball game!!!! It was enjoyable for me to see it because our team won! They were the Blue Jays. Today was also “Toronto explore day” where we checked out all the cool things in Toronto. On July 9th we had a great lunch! We went to a Korean restaurant!!! We saw my parents’ old friends from Korea. We also went to the park. On the third day (July 10th) we went to the science centre in Toronto. It was really cool because I got to see the energy show. We also went to see the boot museum. It was cool because I got to see very weird shoes! They were like flip-flops but metal, and some had weapons in the bottom, and much more!

Ontario Science Centre

By Sam

I had fun on Saturday because I went to a baseball game. I ate lots of yummy stuff and the Blue Jays won the baseball game. I also saw a cool playground. And at the baseball game I saw the C.N. Tower. I took a subway to a cool restaurant. Today I went to a shoe museum and a science centre. I liked the energy show. At the shoe museum you got to make your own shoe keychain and do an “I Spy” game. Then I went to play video games. Tomorrow I’m going to a sheep farm. It is going to be so fun. On Saturday I walked a lot.

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